Word of the Day Challenge #2 for Week of 5 May: prefix en-

The prefix en- means in, into, or within.



a. What is a prefix?

b. Knowledge: Match these words with the prefix en- to their meanings:

1. entomb                        to make possible
2. enclose                        to bury
3. enforce                       to put inside

4. enable                          to make bigger
enlarge                         to cause an action to take place 

c. Application: Use two en- words from the list above in clear, meaningful sentences.

d. Application: Study the picture above. Which en- word applies to the image? How could you tell?

e. Knowledge: List two new words that start with the prefix en-. State the meanings of the 2 words. 

f. Make an inference: Study the image below. What inference do you draw from this image? 


photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/johncabell/64548429/”>John C Abell</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>cc</a>


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5 Responses to “Word of the Day Challenge #2 for Week of 5 May: prefix en-”

  1. Daisuke says:

    a. a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning and make a new word.

    b.1. entomb: to bury
    2. enclose: to put inside
    3. enforce: to cause an action to take place
    4. enable: to make possible
    5. enlarge: to make bigger

    c. 1. Her help enabled me to finish my homework sooner.
    2. Teachers enforced me to speak in their classes.

    d. The sign of an auto camera enforces drivers to speed down.

    e. 1. endanger: to put someone in danger
    2. encourage: to give someone the courage to do something

    f. enable: the car is driven by a handicapped person.

  2. Gurban says:

    a. prefix – a word before the root (main word), also in making a word negative.

    b. entomb – to bury; enclose – to put inside; enforce – to cause an action to take place; enable – to make possible; enlarge – to make bigger

    c. The picture was too small to see, so I enlarged so I could see the picture properly.
    I enabled my phone because it was disabled.

    d. Enlarge because the sign shows the enlargement of an object.

    e. engage – to be involved; enthusiastic – to show the interest

    f. I can infer that the car is in Virginia and the plate is ENABLD, and next to the sign there is a disabled sign.

    • Ms Peters says:

      a. Correct
      b. 🙂
      c. i) You used the conjunction “so” twice. There is an object pronoun missing. The message/idea of the sentence is clear. You need to edit it for accurate structure and fluency.
      ii) If the reader does not understand the root word or the antonym, then he/she will not understand the meaning. Please edit for greater clarity.
      d. There is a difference in meaning between to enlarge, to zoom in and to focus. You need to view the content of picture rather than the format of the picture. You need to give evidence from the picture in your response. Your response could refer to either of the 2 images. Try again.
      e. You are describing. You need to make an inference. Try again.

  3. Regan says:

    a. prefix is is an affix that is usually put before the stem of a word.
    b. entomb – to bury / enforce – to make possible / enclose – to put inside
    c. The police made the citizens to enforce the rules of club.
    d. To the picture of the sign because, its telling to slow down and saying the camera is watching.
    e. enactive / enable

    • Ms Peters says:

      a. Thank you for using “affix.” To put onto a word. 🙂
      b. There are 5 words. You only did 3. Please complete. Also think carefully about the meaning of the root word when matching.
      c. Incomplete. Read the instruction carefully. I don’t understand your sentence: did the police enforce the rules or did the citizens enforce the rules?
      d. So, which word?
      e. Incomplete.
      f. You need to do this.