Word of the Day Challenge #3 for Week of 5 May: prefixes im- and un-


The prefix im- can mean into or not (the opposite of the meaning of the base word).


A. Knowledge: Sort the words according to the meaning of the prefix. 

e.g. imperfect: the prefix means “not” so the meaning of the word is the opposite of perfect – not perfect. Therefore, imperfect will go in the NOT column of the table. 



 into not

B. Application: Use one word from each list in a sentence of your own. 

C. What is the difference in meaning between ” an imbalance” and “unbalanced”?

The word unimaginable has a prefix and a suffix attached to the base word imagine.

The prefix un- means not.
The suffix -able means able to, having the power or ability to.
Unimaginable means impossible to comprehend, beyond understanding (notice that the base word imagine has not been used in the definition; synonyms are used).

D. Understanding: Write definitions for the following words without using the base words in your definitions. 


E. Application: Select ONE of the words from (D) and write an AFC issue opinion sentence for it. Ensure the meaning is clear by providing a context. 

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6 Responses to “Word of the Day Challenge #3 for Week of 5 May: prefixes im- and un-”

  1. Noud says:

    A. Not: imperfect, immature, impossible, imbalance, impartial.
    Into: implant, immigrate, imperil.

    B. It is impossible to to find shoes in my size.
    I am going to immigrate to Italy.

    C. Unbalance is a verb,imbalance is a noun.

    D. unbearable: You can’t wear it.
    unbelievable: You don’t think that is true.
    unattainable: You can’t reach someone.

    E. I strongly believe that new technology is the solution to develop agriculture in developing countries, even though a lot of people think it is unattainable (not able to get) for them.

  2. Taichi says:

    Exercises :
    A. Knowledge :

    im- = INTO/TOWARDS
    implant, immigrate, imperil
    im- = NOT
    immature (= not mature), impossible, imbalance, impartial

    B. Application :
    (Assuming “each list” means “each column” of either “into”
    or “not”)

    implant// The picture implanted the cruelty of war in the minds of the children.
    immigrate// We immigrate from Japan.
    imperil// A sudden change of the weather imperils life of the people.

    immature// I ate immature fruits this morning and found them sour.
    impossible// It is impossible to finish this homework assignment by 15:00 !
    imbalance// The imbalance in the academic ability has become a problem.
    impartial//Umpires’ judge should be impartial to all players.

    C. “imbalance”(n) :
    a lack of the balance; a situation in which things
    are not in the correct proportions, a situation in which two or more things are
    not the same size or are not treated the same, in a way that is unfair or causes

    e.g.) a global imbalance of wealth 
    “unbalanced”(a) 1) (used about a person) somewhat crazy,
    mentally ill, 2) not fair to all ideas or sides of an argument.

    e.g.) an unbalanced newspaper report 

    D. Understanding :

    unbearable// (adj.) too bad, painful, etc. for you to accept, intolerable.
    unbelievable//(adj.) very surprising; unlikely to be true; used to emphasize
    how good, bad or extreme something is; incredible.
    unattainable// (adj.) impossible to achieve or reach;

    E. Application :

    Some people resort to steal in order to escape from unbearable poverty.

    Unbearable poverty, which is unbelievable to developed countries’ people,
    has been causing wars among the nations, and as far as poverty exists
    a permanent peace might be an unattainable dream.

    • Ms Peters says:

      A. Thank you for the clear organization.
      B. For “implant” it’s best to use the passive voice: The chip was implanted in my wrist. Try changing your sentence to the passive voice.
      “Immigrate” look at Noud’s response for the correct preposition.
      “Impartial” – umpire and judge are synonyms; they both refer to a person, so they should not be used together as you have done. Fix the sentence.
      C. 🙂
      E. Some people resort to theft (n.) in order to escape unbearable poverty.
      What changes have a made to your sentence? Why have I made these changes?

  3. Ji Yoon says:

    A.immature – not mature
    implant – not planted
    impossible – not possible
    imbalance – not balanced

    immigrate – live permanently somewhere
    impartial – fair
    imperil – endangered
    B. immature- It is immature and unnecessary.
    implant- He had a new heart valve implant.
    impossible-It is impossible to finish cleaning up by 4o’ clock.
    imbalance- My food pyramid is imbalanced.
    immigrate- My grandmother’s sister immigrated into US.
    impartial- The legal system is generally effective and impartial
    imperil- Riding the taxi late at night is imperil.
    C.The word unimaginable has a prefix and a suffix attached to the base word imagine.
    The prefix un- means not.
    The suffix -able means able to, having the power or ability to.
    Unimaginable means impossible to comprehend, beyond understanding (notice that the base word imagine has not been used in the definition; synonyms are used).
    D.unbearable – not able to endure
    unbelievable – not able to believe
    unattainable – not able to achieve
    E.Ensure the meaning is clear by providing a context.
    Poverty happening in the Philippines is unbearable.
    The fact that there are still so many people being slaves in unbelievable.