Word of the Day Challenge #1 for Week of 12 May: impact

impact  noun


• the striking of one thing against another

• the effect that something has on a person or thing


1. Give an example of something or someone who has had an impact on your life. Explain how your life has been impacted. 

2. Study the image above. 

2.1. What do you see in the painting?

2.2. What do you think the painting is about? Why do you think so?

2.3. Explain the impact of an issue as can be seen in the painting. Use the word “impact” in your answer.

2.4. How does the painting make you feel?




photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/meanestindian/354459408/”>Meanest Indian</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a>


8 Responses to “Word of the Day Challenge #1 for Week of 12 May: impact”

  1. Daisuke says:

    1. One of my teachers in MJS has a great impact on my life. He always encouraged me to study hard and think all issues carefully. He also taught me that we should be honest.

    2.1. These children live in an old and dirty house and do not have enough food. They look so poor.

    2.2. I think that the painting depicts harsh realities of a poor family.

    2.3. Some people always suffer from poverty even when many people enjoy good life.

    • Ms Peters says:

      1. … has had a great impact (pay attention to the tense used in the question/instruction).
      … think carefully (verb + adverb) about …
      2.1. What do you see that makes them look poor to you? What do you see that shows you the house is “old and dirty”?
      2.2. You need to give a reason for your answer.
      2.4. You need to describe your feelings. How does this painting make you feel?

      Read the questions carefully. Use the “question-in-answer” method to ensure you are answering the question and not losing focus, e.g. This painting makes me feel …

      Please complete your responses.

  2. Sachi says:

    1) My friends, parents, and the rest of my family played a big impact in my life. They played a big role in making me who I am now today. They are very supportive and caring. They have accepted me as I am and they have been very supportive of my decisions.

    2.1) I see that the older brother is holding the younger brother.

    2.2) The picture is about the the siblings who do not have anyone. They look sad and hopeless. They have no to share their happiness. They don’t have food to eat.

    2.3) This picture makes me strangely sad. I wish i could help them.

    • Ms Peters says:

      1. Awkward expression: play a role/make an impact/have an impact on (play an impact is nonsensical in English).
      2.1. This is a very limited response. How do you see that they are brothers? What do you see that shows you they are both boys? Is this really all you see?
      2.2. Repetitive sentence beginnings. I need to read a statement and reasons to support the statement.
      2.3. ?
      2.4. Why “strangely sad”? What do you mean? This is a synthesis question, so the response needs to be more detailed.

  3. Atheer says:

    1. My mother has a big impact on my life. She taught me how to read,write,cook,care for my brother and sister.She was my first teacher.
    2.1. I see two children siting on the floor. There is a plate with small piece of bread.They look sad and hungry.
    2.2. The painting is about hunger because the poor children don’t have food to eat.
    2.3. The food problem has a big impact to the poor children in the world. The children will get sick and can die.
    2.4. I feel shocked when I see the painting because we still have lots of children without food.

    • Ms Peters says:

      1. …has had (use the same tense as used in the question). She has taught …. Fix the third sentence on your own. By using the past tense, you imply that your mother is dead.
      2.1. sitting
      Describe the children’s postures. What are they wearing? Did you notice colors?
      2.3. What do you mean with “the food problem”?
      The preposition that we use in English that goes with “impact” is “on” not “to”.

  4. Rinako says:

    1.My friend was very crazy,but she passed exam! I surprised hear that.
    2.I think they are sister and brother.Maybe they are very poor because there is only a piece of bread on the plate.
    2.1.I see a girl and a boy who is leaning to her.
    2.2.I think the painting is about poverty.Because they put on no shoes and no foods.
    2.2.Children usually look cheerful but two children of this picture look so empty.I was impacted that.
    2.3.The picture makes me sad.

    • Ms Peters says:

      1. I don’t understand how your answer matches the meaning of the question. Look at what other students have written and look at my comments to their answers.
      2.1. You are guessing. You must write what you see, e.g. In the painting, I see …. I also see ….
      2.2. Look up the word “conjunction.” What does a conjunction do in a sentence? Can you fix your writing so that the conjunction is not at the beginning of a sentence.
      2.3. Here is an example: This painting shows the impact of poverty on children. Children who are affected by poverty lack nutritious sustenance (healthy food). Poverty also impact families. For example, many poor children are left homeless because their parents die due to poor health care and poor nutrition.