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Word of the Day Challenge #1for Week of 5 May: to thrive

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

zinniasThe zinnias bloomed quickly this year because they thrive in sunshine.

thrive verb

-to grow or develop; to gain wealth or value; to advance towards a goal due to circumstances


1.1.  State two synonyms for the VERB thrive. Use

1.2. Take a screenshot of the graphic for  “thrive” from and post it in your WODC googledoc.

2. Use one of the synonyms (verb form) in a sentence within the context of your AFC issue.

3. Change one of the verb synonyms from the word web on into a NOUN. Use the noun form in a sentence within a Scientific context (ecology/e-column). 

4. Now explain your understanding of the word, “thrive”. Use your own words. YOU MAY NOT USE A DICTIONARY. YOU MAY NOT COPY FROM A DICTIONARY – this is plagiarism and will result in a zero grade. 

   Sentence starter: The word “thrive” means __________________, for example _____________________. 


Word of the Day Challenge #2 for Week of 4 November: rent

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Remember to submit your COMMENT response by 3:00PM on Thursday.

Sentence: On her way to school, Joan hit an unexpected bump on her bike path that toppled her off her bike and rent her new dress.

rent (noun)

• money paid by a tenant to the owner of a property in return for living in it or using it

• a large tear in a piece of fabric

• an opening or gap resembling a tear

rent (verb)

• to get or give the right to use something in return for payment

• past tense and past participle of rend meaning to tear into two or more pieces

Complete both parts.

a. Which part of speech and meaning of rent is used in the sentence above?

b. Use rent as a noun in a sentence of your own.

c. Use rend or rent as a verb in a sentence of your own.


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