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Word of the Day Challenge #3 for Week of 5 May: prefixes im- and un-

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014


The prefix im- can mean into or not (the opposite of the meaning of the base word).


A. Knowledge: Sort the words according to the meaning of the prefix. 

e.g. imperfect: the prefix means “not” so the meaning of the word is the opposite of perfect – not perfect. Therefore, imperfect will go in the NOT column of the table. 



 into not

B. Application: Use one word from each list in a sentence of your own. 

C. What is the difference in meaning between ” an imbalance” and “unbalanced”?

The word unimaginable has a prefix and a suffix attached to the base word imagine.

The prefix un- means not.
The suffix -able means able to, having the power or ability to.
Unimaginable means impossible to comprehend, beyond understanding (notice that the base word imagine has not been used in the definition; synonyms are used).

D. Understanding: Write definitions for the following words without using the base words in your definitions. 


E. Application: Select ONE of the words from (D) and write an AFC issue opinion sentence for it. Ensure the meaning is clear by providing a context. 

Word of the Day Challenge #2 for Week of 5 May: prefix en-

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

The prefix en- means in, into, or within.



a. What is a prefix?

b. Knowledge: Match these words with the prefix en- to their meanings:

1. entomb                        to make possible
2. enclose                        to bury
3. enforce                       to put inside

4. enable                          to make bigger
enlarge                         to cause an action to take place 

c. Application: Use two en- words from the list above in clear, meaningful sentences.

d. Application: Study the picture above. Which en- word applies to the image? How could you tell?

e. Knowledge: List two new words that start with the prefix en-. State the meanings of the 2 words. 

f. Make an inference: Study the image below. What inference do you draw from this image? 


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