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Word of the Day Challenge #3 for Week of 12 May: language of opinion related to AFC – “Saving our World”

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Complete 6 problem opinion statements  and 4 solution statements about the state of our world with “specific” academic vocabulary. 

A. The Problems caused by Man in my Opinion

1. The actions of man have led to the __________ of forests around the world. 

2. The panda is on the _________ of extinction because most of its natural habitat has been _______ by man. 

3. A large part of the forest was destroyed when the trees were _________ by farmers. 

4. Many wild animals that roam onto expressways have __________ with cars and died. 

5. Although it is illegal to kill elephants in Namibia, __________ continues because their __________ can be sold for a high price. 

6. Garbage disposal ______________ in most of the poorer countries are not well designed and, therefore, they have polluted the surrounding areas as well. 

7. Ships that dump toxic ____________ into the sea have killed both people and animals.

8. ____________ occurs when soil, mud and rocks flow down the land due to heavy rain. 

9. Children in poorer countries are _________ by many illnesses. 

10. When __________ melt, the water ________ of the seas, oceans and rivers will rise. 

11. Climate change is ____________ if we do not take action to __________ the rainforests now. 

12. Children in undeveloped countries become more ___________ to diseases when they do not have enough food to eat. 

B. Solutions tried by Concerned Parties

1. Greenpeace is an international organization that is _____________ to saving the Earth. 

2. Conservationists are trying hard to prevent animal populations from ___________ing. 

3. To save the earth, we should obtain power from renewable energy __________ and not from nuclear power and fossil fuel. 

4. If there is no ________ to fine those guilty of pollution, then people will continue to pollute the air. 

5. Countries that are facing a water __________ have to ration the amount of water used by each household each day. 

6. In order to __________ poverty, international organizations are providing aid to the poorer nations. 

7. More companies are __________ with solar powered cars to _________ fuel. 

8. Technology companies are the first ones to use sociometrics as an equitable means to  ______________ men and women into management positions based on their ________ in the workplace. 



Word of the Day Challenge #2 for Week of 16 September: evoke

Monday, September 16th, 2013
Complete this challenge by 3:00PM on Wednesday.

Montana became the forty-first state in 1889. In Spanish, montaña means mountain. Native Americans called it the Land of the Shining Mountains. Today Montana is known as Big Sky Country, a name which evokes the vastness of Montana’s horizons.

evoke  [e-vohkverb

• to call up; to bring to mind


1. Sights, sounds, smells, and tastes can evoke memories. Describe a sensory experience and a memory it evokes. Use evoke in your answer.